Simple Socks

Striped Socks

Socks – Project One For Fifty at 50 Challenge

Once you start wearing your own hand-knitted socks, you’ll never want to go back to machine-made, store-bought socks ever again. All that’s needed are four skinny sticks (sock needles) and a length of yarn (sock wool) then you knit round and round and round, with a few fancy turns at the heel, until you get to the end. Simple!

After a friend gave me a sock knitting lesson several years ago, I’ve been addicted to the art of bespoke socks ever since. I have a drawer full of the little beauties.

The socks in the picture above were made with some blue sock yarn, from Knitworld, bought specifically to combine with leftover bits in my stash that are too short to make anything useful on their own. Combined with some smudgy-green, self-patterning sock yarn, left over from one of the first pairs I ever made, I’ve ended up with a rather smart pair of useful socks.

Details on Ravelry 


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A Personal Challenge – Fifty at 50

Complete fifty projects in twelve months to celebrate many practical skills gained during my first fifty years.

Most projects will be small and quick (mini projects) but there might be a couple of midis and a maxi as well – who knows.

Links to project posts will be added to Fifty at 50 page above.

Project ideas (not set in stone):
Dressmaking – lots tops, skirts, trousers and jackets.
Knitting – socks, scarves, cardigans and jerseys.
Major de-clutter session – the garage is a likely candidate.
Preserving – jams, chutneys and sauces.
Furniture renovation – practically everything in my house could do with freshening up.
Photo essays – maybe make one or two into little photo books for the home library.
Home repairs – painting, plumbing, nailing and replacing.
Garden – seed sowing, planting, digging new beds.
Learn new work skills – Excell, Access, Xero …
Learn a new language – Spanish with Duolingo.
Walk up some of the nearby small mountains – Mt Grey, Mt Thomas, Mt Oxford
Find a way to save an extra $1000.00 – reduce phone bill, renegotiate insurance …
Correspond with friends and family by post – paper and envelopes and stamps.
Make something for someone else – the possibilities are endless.
Quilts – finish one of the many languishing in the craft cupboard.
Needlework – again, finish one of the many languishing in the craft cupboard.
Frame my own picture and hang on wall – I have a hard disk full of photos.
Fitness goal – be fit enough to walk up local mountains.
Explore somewhere new – towns, mountains, parks, beaches, shops, galleries …
Organise and update personal computer files – really needs to be done.
Read a great book and explore activities associated with it – location, food, costume …
Try carpentry – hoping my husband will let me use his tools.
Learn to weave – cloth, baskets, tales …
Make a beautiful handbag – leather.
Up-cycle old clothes into something beautiful or useful – open to ideas
Reuse some of grandmother’s needlework into something special – quilt, bag, tea cosy …

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Venturing North to Gore Bay

We took a leisurely drive north, today, for the first time since a magnitude 7.8 earthquake struck North Canterbury last November and closed off most of the South Island’s Northern section of State Highway One. As the roads still haven’t been cleared all the way to the top of the island, there were no trucks and very, very few cars on the road with us – bliss.

At Gore Bay, we took a long walk to the cliffs at the southern end where we were sheltered from the southerly breeze and felt surprisingly warm for the middle of winter. We admired driftwood, huts, stones, shells and intrepid plants clinging to the soft cliff faces.

Gore Bay

Walking south


Driftwood hut


Piece of paua (abalone) shell


Textures and colours underfoot

We stopped at the Cathedral Cliffs lookout, just south of the bay, to take some snaps and admire the view.


Cathedral Cliffs – Gore Bay

On the way back, we stopped at Two Rivers Cafe in Cheviot for a late lunch. Delicious food, excellent service and a descent pot of tea. A good day.

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Shortest Day


Every year I watch the sun rise later and later, gradually creeping north along the mountain ridge line to the north of my small holding, until it reaches its final destination on the north-west slope of Mt Cass. Tomorrow, it will begin making its dependable journey south again.

In the Garden

A light northwesterly brought an unseasonably warm day. Perfect for taking stock of what’s still in flower in the middle of winter. Not much, but still enough to delight.

mid-winter flowers

Asylum, Mexican tarragon (just going over but lots of new buds to look forward to), euphorbia, hebe, rosa mutabulis, rosa Glamis Castle, calendular (everywhere), self-sown hebes, rosemary (and friend)


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First Post

While I familiarise myself with the WordPress knobs and dials, I thought I’d share a recent shot of my cat, Hazel, intently watching a young rabbit in our garden.



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