Venturing North to Gore Bay

We took a leisurely drive north, today, for the first time since a magnitude 7.8 earthquake struck North Canterbury last November and closed off most of the South Island’s Northern section of State Highway One. As the roads still haven’t been cleared all the way to the top of the island, there were no trucks and very, very few cars on the road with us – bliss.

At Gore Bay, we took a long walk to the cliffs at the southern end where we were sheltered from the southerly breeze and felt surprisingly warm for the middle of winter. We admired driftwood, huts, stones, shells and intrepid plants clinging to the soft cliff faces.

Gore Bay

Walking south


Driftwood hut


Piece of paua (abalone) shell


Textures and colours underfoot

We stopped at the Cathedral Cliffs lookout, just south of the bay, to take some snaps and admire the view.


Cathedral Cliffs – Gore Bay

On the way back, we stopped at Two Rivers Cafe in Cheviot for a late lunch. Delicious food, excellent service and a descent pot of tea. A good day.

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